2023 BC Step and Building Codes 2 Person Registration

$1495.00 (2 Person Registration (16 Hours))

Includes Lunch both days and Training Manuals

2023 BC Step and Building Codes is a 16 hour course delivered over two consecutive days with some hands-on components.

Introduction to this training, provides background information to overall design and compliance process with the evolution of energy efficiency BC Building Codes that is having a large impact on “business-as-usual”, while improving overall energy consumption of homes.

This training will also, provide an overview of how architectural and mechanical design choices can have a significant impact on certain Building and Step Code performance parameters, which can either help or hinder compliance as well as impact overall cost.

Examine considerations for thermal insulation, air barriers and vapour barriers, including steps towards installation of windows, doors, and skylights.

Provide an overview of space heating, mechanical ventilation, and domestic hot water systems that are best for use in high-performance housing

Building on basic building science principles and applying them to the evolving enclosure design and construction practices required to meet the “envelope first” approach.

Reviewing technical principles of energy-efficient of durable building assemblies including foundations, exterior above-grade walls, roofs, and exposed floors.

Consider energy use, durability, occupant comfort characteristics, and potential broader impact of houses constructed to a Step 3 or higher, including a diverse range of Part 9 construction methods.

Explore ways in which the builder can manage the project, in cooperation with the rest of the trades having appropriate personnel, tools, and techniques for repairing incomplete enclosure items and improving building airtightness.

Recognize the design and construction factors contributing to the success or failure of a building project in meeting the requirements of the BC Building and Energy Step Code requirements.

Topics include:

BC Energy Step Code Overview and Requirements

Meeting the BC Energy Step Code by Design

Building Science for the BC Energy Step Code

Building Envelope Options for the BC Energy Step Code                                        

Air Barriers for the BC Energy Step Code

Mechanical Systems for the BC Energy Step Code

Building Envelope Quality Assurance and Quality Control

BC Energy Step Code Project Management

Each participant at training session receives a set of 2 Manuals.

Manuals are for reference and illustrations for construction methods after completion of training.

(This Course "Does Not Qualify" for Equivalent Training toward “Step Code Status”.)

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Vernon (Nov 28, 2023 - Nov 29, 2023)

           Tuesday and Wednesday

          Prestige Hotel Vernon

       4411 32 St, Vernon, BC

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