Our success in developing and delivering training programs that create enthusiasm is well documented. The training team’s first-hand and hands-on experience in the building industry is our greatest asset.

The residential construction industry is currently facing a number of challenges, placing considerable strain on all residential builders to keep current with construction practices. Due to a number of factors in the residential construction industry, ongoing changes are having major ramifications in the manner home builders operate their business’s.

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Size and type of your operation

The size of operation directly influences the amount of in-office expertise required of the contractor. The larger builder in the built environment might have on staff both design, and accounting expertise.

In contrast the smaller builder more than likely does his own bookkeeping (or has his wife perform the function), and operates directly out of his house.

Our training is designed to address requirements for residential construction companies at at all levels of the scale.

The nature of the industry itself is undergoing substantial change, both in the terms of building technology and in the markets in which home builders operate.

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