Building toward the BC Step CodeHouse as a System

$959 (8 am to 5 pm )

This course will explain the concept of house as a system, while exploring industry resources to determine appropriate enclosure components and assemblies, mechanical components, and construction approaches that can be used to achieve house as a system best practices.

 - Examining the step code for dwellings, aimed at reducing the energy consumption and greenhouse gases produced by houses.

 - Evaluate window products based on key characteristics including energy, durability, and design options.

 - Evaluate enclosure elements and construction practices for achieving airtightness and those intended for vapour control.

 - Evaluate Cost Benefit Analysis Tool (CBAT) updates and review how to use computer program.

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Pestige Hotel Vernon - 4411 32 St, Vernon BC (Sep 20, 2022 - Sep 21, 2022)

4411 32 St, Vernon BC

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