Cost Control and AdminstrationFor Homebuilders and Renovators

$1846.00 (30hrs)

Divided into 10 modules, the course is designed for owner/managers of small and medium-sized businesses. No previous administrator knowledge or experience is required. In keeping with the approach of our other business management courses, this one emphasizes the practical application of management theory.

There are frequent examples, learn-by-doing activities, case studies and exercises.

The basic objective of the course is to improve the ability of the students as administrators. It tries to accomplish this by introducing them to some elementary technology and outlines a Philosophy of administration.

In a brief course of this type, it is impossible to delve too deeply into the finer points of administration in the construction industry or to examine the technical problems of the sub trades. It is designed to expose the student to some of the basic fundamentals and give him an opportunity to compare his ideas with other students.

In particular, there are four specific objectives. These are:

  1. To identify the role of the administrator in the construction industry.
  2. To improve the planning and control functions of the administrator
  3. To improve problem solving skills for job improvements.
  4. To improve communications between the job site and head office for project control.

The course is designed primarily for managers and administrators in the construction industry. Others, including office supervisors and owner-managers, will also benefit. It can also be beneficial for people who are management trainees in the industry.

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