Accounting & Financial ManagementFor Contractors, Sub-Contractors, and Renovators

$ (30hrs)

While countless books and courses are available on the subject of financial management, we felt that there was a need for an activity-oriented, learn-by-doing course for small business owner/managers in the Construction (Home Building Industry). 

Divided into 10 modules, the course is designed for owner/managers of small and medium-sized businesses. No previous financial knowledge or experience is required. In keeping with the approach of our other business management courses, this one emphasizes the practical application of management theory. There are frequent examples, learn-by-doing activities, case studies and exercises. 

Course Objectives

Accounting & Financial Management has two main objectives: 

  1. To simplify the topic of finance, thus eliminating the natural fear most non-financial people have confronted with the subject.
  2. To help participants successfully manage their businesses by recognizing the importance of key financial functions:
    • Understanding financial statements
    • Financial planning
    • Sources of financing
    • Management of working capital
    • Investment of surplus funds and estate planning.

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